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London Book Fair Promotion

Free Giveaway During the London Book Fair! The London Book Fair is coming up, running from April 18-20, 2023. In tandem with this major international book fair, Blue Corn Publishing is running a free ebook and audiobook giveaway from now until the 20th. Use promo...

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The Holistic Monitor Podcast

The author appeared on the Holistic Monitor podcast, on an episode titled "Dreams of Destiny with Patrick O'Brien". About The Holistic Monitor podcast: Join host Nic Scogna on The Holistic Monitor, where we explore the delicate balance of life energy, wellness, and...

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Dreams of Destiny Podcast Episode cover
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Traveler’s Blueprint Podcast

The author appeared on The Traveler's Blueprint Podcast to speak about his experiences traveling the world in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and to discuss Kozmos Lovejoy Exp. View podcast episode. The Travelers Blueprint is an indie travel podcast where each week...

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Q+A for The Adventures of Kozmos Lovejoy, Exp

While many memoirs and books have been written about the ’60s, few have presented the constant spiritual growth undercurrent, drumbeat and center-stage presence of The Adventures of Kozmos. Can you share what mattered most in what you wanted to present in the book?

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